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                                               Brad Hord

Brad and Chris are friends and collaborators who have been through many musical phases, some together and some apart. Coming from a place of creative freedom and experimentation, they strive to convey an array of feelings and emotions through their music.

The two have always accepted and encouraged each others strengths, while balancing each others weaknesses, resulting in a diverse musical landscape with enough heart and soul to satisfy themselves first, and hopefully, in turn their listeners.


A small town in North Carolina could never be mistaken as the New Age or World Music mecca, and Brad Hord never dreamed he would be writing and recording music in those genres. His formal training began at an early age in piano, but he was always drawn towards the drums and percussion. He convinced his parents that was where his heart was and mercifully the piano lessons ceased. Through the years Brad has played everything from Rock to Blues to Progressive . He was greatly influenced by the Fusion artists of the 70's and early 80's like Return To Forever, Billy Cobham and Larry Coryell.

During those years, Brad used the keyboard for composing, but a few years ago, he finally realized that he truly enjoyed it. In his words he says, "I just grew into it. I couldn’t tolerate the constraints of the formal training, but deep inside I've always enjoyed composing. As far as New Age and World Music, I think I grew into that as well. At this time in my life, it just gives me what I need."

Which leads us to Brad's debut CD, Tribe Of One - "Origin Unknown"

This collection of songs ranges from the ambient "Solitude", featuring Chris Ferree on Native American flute, to the more mid-tempo melodic tunes such as "One Truth" and "Distant Voices", which like most of the tracks feature African, Mideastern and Native American percussion. The overall sound is rich with soft synths, piano and strings, and is perfect for relaxation and yoga.

Brad's 2nd CD release titled  "Cell Eleven" is a bit more experimental in nature. Brad incorporates elements of groove, trance and psychedelia into this effort and while doing so, he paints a broader stroke on the canvas. Chris Ferree makes another appearance on the trippy "Queen Mother Bug" and plays bass guitar on the melodic "Vincent". Those of you who have heard "Origin Unknown" will travel down a few familiar roads with "Cell Eleven". Just be prepared for a pleasant detour or two. 

In 2008 Brad and Chris began scoring  independent films under the composing name  CutshawKane.     For six years. they worked on over 25 films, both features and  shorts. They scored films shot regionally and  as far away as Florida and California.   The films covered genres from horror and dramas to thrillers and comedy.  In 2014, Brad had been bitten by the film bug and began writing scripts and producing his own  independent films  under the name Shanghai Film Productions. He has five films under his belt so far.

On a more personal note... I would like to thank Brad for his support over the years and without his talent and more importantly, his patience, my music would not be complete.