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March- 28 2016
After  several years  in a row of  recording CDs, composing films scores with Brad Hord and starting and managing an art and craft Co-op called Red Hands Co-op.   I took  time during most of 2015 after the release of "The Invisible World" project  searching for and  collaborating with local musicians and started playing gigs again. We are writing new songs and plan to start recording sometime in 2017.
Dec- 28 2014
Today Brad Hord and I would like to announce the release of our new concept CD titled "The Invisible World"... The story of a young native man who has a near death experience and through song and  native flute instrumentals shares his journey beyond the veil with you. You can  purchase hard copies of this CD by clicking the kunaki link below. You can also go to   to hear song samples and there are several different ways purchase hard copies or MP3s.

Feb- 15 2014
Hello All,
It's been a while since I updated my news section... so... here we go.

First, but definitely not least, my two youngest children (a girl and a boy) have suddenly become teenagers! And with this, all the blessings and challenges and helping them through this metamorphosis. Needless to say, my wife and I have had our hands full. .. As many of you have already experienced.

Second, Brad and I continue to score independent films under the name, CutshawKane. Over the past couple years, this has grown steadily and we have had the privilege to work with some talented filmmakers on some interesting projects, both regionally and nationally. We also wrote, produced, and scored our own short film, a syfy thriller, Mosaic 33, which is currently making the film fest circuit and is doing well. Brad has caught the film making “bug” and is already working on his 2nd short film titled Worldly Possessions.

As some of you may already know, my son, nephew and I started Red Hands Co-op, an online artist co-op website nearly two years ago. Since then we have grown to 11 artists. I have been busy promoting the site and our artists through arts and crafts festivals and shopping to galleries and gift shops from Charlotte to Asheville.

On the music front, last year tried to put together a five piece band to do some regional shows, but that just hasn't quite worked out yet with time constraints and finding just the right musicians for this genre. I have since decided to expand my search outside of my local area and try to put together a three piece band by this summer. My next CD, which Brad and I are working on right now, is a little over half way finished. It is a concept CD titled The Invisible World, a group of songs and instrumentals about a journey into the afterlife. Right now CD release date sometime winter 2014.

To find out more about our other projects and ventures… Just click the links below

Thank you all for your support



April- 23- 2013
From Spirit Wind Records

I want to congratulate the following artists for their Native American Music Awards Nomination for your song featured on the A Tribute To Our Heroes  Compilation CD. Let's garner votes to make this a winner. Tell
everyone you know to vote.

JJ Kent
C C Murdock
Duane Deemer
Jimmy Lee Young
Ryan Little Eagle
Indigie Femme
Michael Bucher
Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Yolanda Martinez
Chris Ferree
Michael Longrider
Black Thunder Singers
Terry Strongheart
Julian Austin
Big City Indians
Thunder Hawk Singers

Now it is time to vote at

Again Congratulations

New Website

Check out the new art website started by myself, my nephew and my son at . We will be adding new artists soon to this co-op. If you are looking for an original piece of art, a painting, woodworking, wire and stone jewelry and much more... Check it out!

Jan -25-2012
From Spirit Wind Records

Spirit Wind Records is proud to announce a new CD release  from  Chris Ferree  titled "Walks Between Worlds".  This  2012 release  is a best of Native American flute instrumentals. It includes songs from previous released CDs plus new music from this talented Native American /world music artist. Available soon at  CDBaby, Nimbit, Kunaki, and most other download sites. 

Nov - 4 -2011

Interview on The Wolf and The Bear Show on Blogtalk radio Thursday Nov-11th at 8pm with Bear Medicinewalker

Oct - 1 -2011
Native Peoples Magazine

Chris's CD "The Wind and The Fire" review  from the Sept/Oct Issue of Native Peoples Magazine on news stands until Oct 31st.

Ferree is a Cherokee multi-instrumentalist,songwriter and singer with a strong Christian faith that shines out of every track. Ferree's soulful vocals take center stage, infusing these bluesy rock tunes with a consecrated fire. "I'll Show You Love" offers a friend the promise of eternal comfort and salvation. "We Are One" is a soaring song of praise, while " Messenger" is a catchy rock tune full of jangling guitars that sounds like a radio hit. The album's low-key production sets off and complements Ferree's uplifting tenor, a voice full of warmth and comfort.

Sept - 5 -2011
Native American Music Awards

I am a  finalist  at  the 2011 NAMAs and  in the running  for a nomination  in several catagories  for my CD "The Wind and The Fire". Public voting  has started and I'm asking for your support. Go to  to cast your vote.
May -25-2011
One World Radio

I would like to let everyone know that my music has been added to  One World Radio  and would like to thank Steve sheppard for his support!

Home - One World Radio
This station has been set up to bring people around the world of spiritual, cultural and musical interest together, we are all one people, one world, one vision.

April- 3 - 2011
Review from CDBaby of  "The Wind and The Fire" written by Erin Browne

Chris's Album "The Wind and the Fire"  is a treat for any genre of music lover, this cd is truly unique. It incorporates everything from a little bit of Rock, to country, to soothing sounds of pop or lullabies.

Chris's Album "The Wind and the Fire"  is a treat for any genre of music lover, this cd is truly unique. It incorporates everything from a little bit of Rock, to country, to soothing sounds of pop or lullabies.

This artist takes you on a spiritual journey within the music and it leads you to one of Hope, Love, Faith and Strength. The songs reflect on so many topics including religion/faith, abuse, Being lost/abandoned to being found and loved, to knowing you're always needed and wanted no matter where your life turns.
Chris's Album "The Wind and the Fire"  is a treat for any genre of music lover, this cd is truly unique. It incorporates everything from a little bit of Rock, to country, to soothing sounds of pop or lullabies.

This artist takes you on a spiritual journey within the music and it leads you to one of Hope, Love, Faith and Strength. The songs reflect on so many topics including religion/faith, abuse, Being lost/abandoned to being found and loved, to knowing you're always needed and wanted no matter where your life turns.
This truly is a beautiful and feel good album, lifts the spirit, brings awareness and the hope of  love, life, and strength. This Cd is for any stage of a person's Walk of Life...young and old...I suggest you go check it out! You will not be disappointed!

March -1- 2011
I am greatly honored to announce my March Radio Galactica “Artist of the Month” My choice is one of the radio’s many talented Native American artist.

Feb - 25  2011
Review of "The Wind and The Fire" CD  by  Shashona McCall of Indie Showcase

Who says spiritual songs have to be hymns?

Chris Ferree has done a stunning job on his latest Album called The Wind And The Fire. He has moved in a different direction with The Wind and The Fire, looking inside instead of outside. The entire album speaks about the journey of life, spirit and God. This album was several years in the making and trust me, it was worth it.

Brad Hord worked with Chris once again on this new album. Chris also brought in another talent by the name of Jeff Lynn Reid.  I have to say, this is an exceptional album. 

The Wind and The Fire will capture your attention, and have you flowing toward the lyrics in a New York heartbeat. All 14 tracks are well written stories you can relate to. But what impressed me most was the whole picture. It is very well produced, instrumentation is brilliant, and the lyrics beautiful indeed. Chris's vocals will absolutely hold you hostage till the last note of the last track. I would have difficulty choosing a favorite track from these 14. They are all noteworthy and memorable. Grab a copy, you will see why.

Check it out today!...  and tell him we at Indie Showcase Love him!

                                                         And that's just how I see it
                                                                   Shashona McCall

Sept - 20 2010
From Donald Blackfox

Spirit Wind Records is PROUD to announce that we have 28 Nominations in 14 catagories for the Native American Music Awards We wish our artists the Best of Luck this year and thank the Advisory Board Members that voted for them.

Sept - 17  2010
Native American Music nomination

I am honored to announce that I have been nominated in the Debut Artist catagory at this years Native American Music Awards for the CD "Unbound" and  thank everyone for their support! 

August - 11  2010
Voices of the Hoop interview on blogtalkradio, Monday August 16th at 8pm
" National Native American Spokes Model Kelli Bennett sits down with Native musician Chris Ferree to discuss his music career, current project, and future goals within Indian country."

July - 21  2010
From Spirit Wind Records

Spirit Wind Records is honored and proud to announce the release of the latest CD by Chris Ferree entitled "The Wind and The Fire" . This 2010 release from Chris still  has the  same spirit as his previous CDs,  but musically falls    into the  contemporary Christian Pop/ Rock  genre. 

June - 29 2010
From Spirit Wind Records

The release of the Color of Hope  - The Color Of  Hope project was founded by Donald Blackfox and Kelly Montijo Fink  in 2010 so that we could be of some help to the national crisis of battered women in this nation.  The CD is comprised of 18 female artists.  First Nations women putting first things first - caring for our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and ourselves.  Women fighting for women. All money from the sale of  downloads, CDs, and DVDs  after production cost will go to help Domestic Violence Shelters throughout the nation. - to find out more and purchase


May - 14  2010
Music featured in new documentry

Brad Hord and myself are  proud to announce that our music will be featured in the upcoming documentary by Oregon filmmaker Jonathan Fessler. The film titled "Climbing For HealthCare" is part of a project designed to promote awareness and bring aid to the people of a particular region of Napal. We're very happy to join Jonathan in this cause. the Film should hit the festival circuit in December.

March - 18  2010
From Spirit Wind Records

We are pleased to announce the following artists will be featured on a DVD entitled Primal Quest Badlands. The DVD is about a 600 mile 10 day race through the badlands.

The music includes songs from  Chris Ferree, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, The Thunder Hawk Singers, J J Kent, and  Jonny Lipford.

The DVD will be premier on April 10th to kick off the Mountain Festival in Rapid City.
A portion of the proceeds to be donated to the Native American Music Awards for distribution to the Pine Ridge Fund.

February - 21  2010
Native Digest Interview

Click link below to read Exclusive Interview for the online magazine Native Digest...

January - 27  2010
NAMAs new music download benefit page

First initiated by the kindness and generosity of NAMA Artist of the Year, Jan Michael Looking Wolf and CEO of Spirit Wind Records, Donald Blackfox who donated their music tracks to assist the Native American Music Association's  501(c)(3) non profit programs.

Our new music download page has just been launched and continues to expand. That same spirit of generousity and compassion is now being shared among other leading music makers, nominees, and Native American Music Award winners who have also offered to graciously donate their gift of song for a special cause.

Featured artists include: 
Jonny Lipford, Backyard Blues Band, Jeff Ball, Dail Martin, Michael Bucher, Apryl Allen, Scott Tweedie, NAMA's own Marco Capelli, Nadjiwan, Sacred Winds, Jack Gladstone, Thunder Hawk Singers, Story Tellers, Richard Soaring Owl, Jan Michael Looking Wolf,  Arvel Bird, Jana Mashonee, Michael Longrider, Chris Ferree, Joseph Firecrow, JJ Kent, Evren Ozan, Ken Quiet Hawk, Michael DeMaria, Jamie Coon, Mike Serna and NightShield among others. 

All the featured artists have agreed to donate all proceeds from these 99 cent downloads which will directly contribute to; Helping the Orphans & Children of Haiti and Providing Emergency Winter Heat for children on the Pine Ridge Reservation. All proceeds will be helping the orphans & children of Haiti through a combined program with Save The Children, an organization that has remained in Haiti for over 22 years, as well as the Association's program, Put The Heat On! which provides emergency Winter heat for families with infants & young children on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

For more info go to:

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation and thanks to all of these artists for their generousity, compassion and kindness. Any Artist interested in contributing and donating a song to Help Haiti or Put the Heat On! are welcome to join. Just send your MP3 to 

January -  21  2010

Awesome Radio/Indie Showcase  Interview,  Monday Feb. 1st  at  8pm with  Shashona.

January - 17  2010

Pheonix Radio  Interview,  Thursday Jan.  21st  at  6pm with  Tom Brown.

January - 12  2010

RadioGalactica Interview,  Saturday Jan. 16th at 3pm with  DJs Silverfox, MummaBear and Briecat.

December - 7  2009
New CD released

My new CD "Unbound" will be available at CDbaby by Dec. 20th and  can be digital downloaded  at most sites shortly after. If you would like a copy before Dec. 20th, you can contact me through this site or by email.
November - 23  2009
I will be speaking at Marion School here in Shelby N.C.

We will be talking about Native American culture and Cherokee history. I will be exhibiting and demonstration traditional Native American musical instruments. It should be a good time for the kids and I am sure I will learn a thing or two myself.

August  - 24  2009
From Spirit Wind Records
Native Music Artists come together for homeless benefit CD

Native music recording artists join together for a new compilation CD that will help the homeless crises in America. The new CD, entitled, "Rise-up: Songs from Native America" includes 20 well known award winning artists that span across styles within the Native American Music genre from traditional drum, flute, rock, hip-hop, folk, new age, blues, story telling, and instrumental. Weaved together, the songs share a story of hope, healing, and inspiration.

"This project is amazing. To include such a wide range of music in a way where each track compliments the other is masterful." (Ken Tripe, 'National Music Today').

This effort through Spirit Winds Records, co-produced by Donald Blackfox, Jan Michael Looking Wolf, and Kathy Sohler, is intended to promote national awareness of the homeless crisis and raise some funds to help shelters around the country with a portion of the proceeds. Each quarter, an artist on the recording will be able to choose an organization to help.

"This is the way it should be," says Donald Blackfox, CEO Spirit Wind Records, "Every artist will have an opportunity to help their favorite non-profit group for the homeless. Our culture is based on equity, on a circle; all the musicians on this recording have an equal place."
"Rise Up: Songs from Native America" will be available September 2010. -  link to purchase CDs


August  - 22  2009
 From Donald Blackfox
CEO Spirit Wind Records

Spirit Wind Records announces the signing of Chris Ferree to our label and our family.
"We're very much looking forward to a long term relationship with Chris. It's great when a record company is not only excited about an artist but has committed to realizing a shared vision."We're hopeful that this is just the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship. We're looking forward to the ride."